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General dentistry services from the experts
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Highly qualified dentists, caring & compassionate staff, leading technology & practices.

General Dentistry Services in Southfield, MI

At Southfield Family Dental, we offer a complete dentistry service menu and specialty dental services under one roof. From pediatric and sedation dentistry and implants to regularly scheduled teeth cleanings and oral cancer screenings, the professionals at Southfield Family Dental provide the best treatment possible in the fewest number of visits. If you require periodontic work, orthodontics, or oral surgery, we have a dental specialty suite conveniently located on-site.

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Southfield Family Dental Services

Understand the importance of proper oral hygiene and protect your smile at Southfield Family Dental. Our dentists and hygienists go above and beyond to ensure your next trip to the dentist is a comfortable experience. Whether you’re in need of a regular checkup or require more extensive dental work, the specialists at Southfield Family Dental use the latest technology to get the job done right the first time.

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