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Identify Early Warning Signs of Oral Cancer
A simple, quick, & painless way to screen for cancer
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An integral part of all our dental exams

Oral Cancer Screenings in Southfield, MI

In the United States, more than 30,000 oral cancer cases are diagnosed yearly. For this reason, all dental exams at Southfield Family Dental incorporate oral cancer screenings. The good news is that oral cancer is very treatable, especially when detected early. And with our dentists highly trained in proper cancer screenings, we can detect even the smallest abnormalities and put a treatment plan in place.

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The Investigative Process During Your Screening

Oral cancer can appear in many forms, but the most important factor is that we catch the signs before they worsen. Red patches and sores can appear on the inside of your mouth or the front and sides of your tongue, failing to heal and bleeding often. Additionally, lumps and sores often form anywhere in the throat or mouth, typically accompanied by hardened white or gray lesions (Leukoplakia) that can become cancerous.

At Southfield Family Dental, we’re proud to offer VELscope oral cancer screenings. This simple procedure uses natural tissue fluorescence to discover abnormalities in the oral mucosa. Put simply, we shine a technologically advanced light into your mouth to determine if you have oral cancer. This careful examination of the inside of your mouth and tongue can detect the earliest warning signs of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening FAQs

How can I reduce my risks of oral cancer?
Just like any other form of cancer, there are minimal steps you can take to prevent oral cancer. A few ways to reduce your risks include never (or stopping) smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking less alcohol, and eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruit. To discuss more in-depth ways of reducing your risks of oral cancer, contact Southfield Family Dental at (248) 569-6304 today.
How often should I have an oral cancer screening?
The American Cancer Society recommends that people over the age of 20 are checked every three years and those over 40 are checked for oral cancer annually.
What are the signs of oral cancer?
Signs and symptoms of oral cancer can vary based on each case, but some obvious signs include:
  • A mouth sore that doesn’t heal
  • White or reddish patches on the inside of your mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • A growth or lump inside your mouth
  • Mouth pain
  • Difficult or painful swallowing
If you're concerned you may have symptoms relating to oral cancer, contact Southfield Family Dental at (248) 569-6304 today to schedule a screening.
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