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Safe & Effective Sedation for Your Dental Procedure
Ease your anxiety & receive the dental care you need.
Dentist sedating a patient

Receive dental care comfortably at Southfield Family Dental

Sedation Dentistry in Southfield, MI

The sound of drills, the smell of dental fillings, and the sensation of a loose tooth being excavated from your gums can be an unnerving experience for some. But at Southfield Family Dental, you don’t have to stress about your next dental appointment. With safe, comfortable, and effective dental sedation options, your anxiety can be calmed, and our professionals can perform your dental treatment efficiently.

Dentist treating the teeth of a sedated patient

Your Trusted Dental Sedation Experts

Dentist appointments are a common trigger for anxiety, but with sedation dentistry at Southfield Family Dental, you no longer have to worry. You can leave the past dental experiences behind you by using sedative medicine to help you relax and, in some circumstances, help you fall into a euphoric sleep state. By using sedation to ease your worries, our dental professionals are able to provide you with the utmost care during your appointment.

When you undergo sedation dentistry at Southfield Family Dental, your treatment can be completed thoroughly without any recollection of how long it took, the discomfort you experienced, or the noises you heard. Instead, you’ll wake up with your dental problems solved and in a calm, relaxed state of mind.

Dental Sedation FAQs

Why do I need sedation during my dental procedure?
There are a multitude of reasons a patient may require sedation during their dental procedure. A few include extremely sensitive teeth, fear of needles or shots, a strong gag reflex, difficulty with standard numbing, and dental-related fears or anxiety. If any of these symptoms sound like you, contact Southfield Family Dental today at (248) 569-6304 to discuss if sedation treatments are right for you.
What are my sedation options?

At Southfield Family Dental, we offer three sedation options—nitrous oxide, oral, and IV—to ease your mind and leave you feeling relaxed during your treatment.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one of the most common forms of sedation and is ideal for patients with mild to moderate anxiety or discomfort.

Oral sedation won’t render you unconscious. Instead, you’ll enter a deep state of relaxation while remaining aware of your surroundings.

IV sedation is designed for those with severe anxiety surrounding dental care. Working similarly to oral sedation, the IV will place you in a state of calmness that may have an amnesic effect once the procedure is completed. For this reason, we require a third party to drive you home from our Southfield, MI, office.

If you’re concerned about your upcoming appointment and want to discuss sedation dentistry options, our professionals will help you determine the best course of action.

How long will I be sedated?
The length of your sedation varies depending on the sedative and duration of your dental treatment. Before your appointment, our professionals will discuss how long you will be sedated and how the process works in more detail.
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