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A Whiter & Brighter Smile Can Be Yours Tomorrow
Simple, non-invasive dental treatments to enhance the color of your teeth
Dentist using light therapy to whiten a patient's teeth

A confident smile can make all the difference

Teeth Whitening in Southfield, MI

As we age, our teeth are exposed to foods and drinks that stain the teeth. Even though your teeth may be perfectly healthy, they may not be as appealing as they once were. Yellow, dingy-looking teeth can be a confidence killer for putting your best smile forward, but that doesn’t have to be the case any longer. With teeth whitening treatments from Southfield Family Dental, you can achieve pearly white perfection once again.

Dentist discussing a patient's teeth whitening options

Your Smile Says a Lot About You

If you’ve tried your luck with at-home bleaching kits, gels, or strips and found your stains only lightened slightly, it might be time to try professional teeth whitening. At Southfield Family Dental, we offer teeth whitening options—Zoom! Whitening and KOR Whitening—to bring your teeth back to the bright white you once had. These in-office procedures only takes an hour to perform and can brighten your teeth three to eight shades while protecting your sensitive gum and tooth root areas.

For those with fluorosis (excessive fluoride during tooth development) and stained or yellow teeth, teeth whitening treatments are designed for you. Each of our teeth whitening options is safe for all ages and come with home bleach trays to maintain your new whiter teeth.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

How long does teeth whitening last?
Teeth whitening is not a permanent dental solution but can last multiple years if maintained properly. Results will vary depending on your lifestyle and could last less than a year if you frequently smoke or eat and drink teeth-staining foods or beverages (coffee, tea, wine). We recommend following a healthy diet, using a straw when possible, and consistently scheduling regular dental cleanings to ensure your teeth stay as white as possible.
Will teeth whitening work on veneers, crowns, or bonding?
Unfortunately not. Teeth whitening doesn’t change the color or shade of any non-natural tooth restoration, including bonding, composite, crowns, and bridges.
Should I get a teeth cleaning before a whitening appointment?
Yes. The teeth whitening process works best when your teeth are free of plaque and tartar. We recommend scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment on the same day you plan to have your teeth whitened for optimal results.
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