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How Long Should Dentures Last?

Perhaps the term permanent teeth is a bit of a misnomer. Teeth are not permanent, as evidenced by the need for dentures for millions of Americans. While dentures are often necessary and serve as highly effective replacements for actual teeth, they are not permanent solutions. Dentists generally agree that dentures are made to last between 5 and 10 years. After this amount of time, dentures usually require repair or replacement.

Sometimes people can get up to 30 years of wear with the same pair of dentures, but these are relatively rare circumstances. When denture wearers maintain proper oral hygiene and take very good care of their dentures, they can increase the life expectancy of the dentures.

Sometimes people need revisions to their dentures because the contour of their gum line has changed. This happens quite naturally and is considered to be part of the normal aging process. If gums remained constant, there would likely be far fewer denture modifications.

Fortunately, dentures do not always require replacement when they begin to fail. At times, dentists are able to reline or rebase the dentures and avoid costly replacement charges for patients. Denture wearers who experience ill-fitting dentures should contact their dentist to discuss the problem.

Loose dentures are not only a nuisance, but they also pose choking hazards for patients. For this reason, those wearing dentures must stay in close contact with their dental professional and communicate denture defects as soon as possible.

Although dentures are not widely considered permanent solutions to tooth loss, some patients do not need dentures until very late in life, and for these individuals, dentures might be a permanent solution. If you are considering dentures, know that with little upkeep, they can be expected to perform well for nearly a decade. After this period of time, revisions might need to be done due to normal wear as well as changes to the gums.

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