Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

With age comes bodily changes. The development and changes in your mouth are no different than every other part of your growing body. Teeth go through many stages. People also develop at different rates; each mouth is unique!

From “baby” or non-permanent teeth through permanent teeth, there are many new editions ready to help you chew your food.

However, wisdom teeth present different problems. Up to 35% of people never develop descended wisdom teeth. Those who do have their wisdom teeth come in, about 85% of people have them removed.

Read on to learn the warning signs that your wisdom teeth need to come out.


Pain or Irritation

We have all heard about “growing pains.” The growth spurts in middle and high school also mean creaky, often painful joints. But when the pain persists, your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

Background pain or persistent irritation in the back of your mouth is an indicator that something is not right with your wisdom teeth. If you experience pain on an average day, don’t tough it out, call your dentist right away.


Difficulty Eating

On the topic of pain, if you experience difficulty eating, you may have a problem with your wisdom teeth. There could be food getting stuck between your emerging teeth and the gums. If left untreated, this food could lead to gum disease.


Inflamed or Tender Gums

Sometimes, wisdom teeth can burst through your gums. This dramatic introduction can cause problems in the surrounding gums. Gum flaps or gaps between the new wisdom teeth and your gums could act as pockets for bacteria to grow. If you notice tender or inflamed gums near your wisdom teeth, reach out to your dentist.


Crooked Beginnings

Some wisdom teeth emerge as crocked. This abnormal growth can impact the rest of the teeth by forcing them out of the way. A shift in your entire mouth could cause alignment issues which left untreated could require corrective braces.

At Southfield Family Dental Center, we understand it can be scary to think about the problems wisdom teeth can bring with them. We want to help our patients understand the changes coming to their mouth and help them make the best long-term choices. Contact us today to learn more about our wisdom teeth options.


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