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Will I Ever Need to Have My Implants Replaced?

Originally posted on 07/28/2016

A digital x-ray of a mouth displays a dental implant - a solution to missing teeth that will last a long time if you properly care for it.How long will this last?

This question is one of the most ones that we get asked. How long will this procedure take? How long will the recovery time take? How long will this protect my teeth?

These questions are all important. If you have one or more missing teeth, you may have considered dental implants as your solution. You won't find a better long-term tooth replacement solution than dental implants. Though dental implants aren't exactly cheap, their projected lifespan certainly makes them well worth the money. In this article, we will go over the lifespan of dental implants and what can be done to extend their longevity.

Advances in Dental Implant Technology

Dental implant technology has advanced quite rapidly in the past few years. These improvements have greatly reduced the odds of implant failure as a result of rejection. In general, dental implants will function as designed for years and possibly even decades or longer. Some examples of technological advances in dental implants include: computer-designed dental implants, antibacterial teeth coating, and advanced image-guided implant systems. 

Factors Impacting the Lifespan of Your Dental Implants

There are several different factors that determine how long dental implants last. Chief amongst these factors are the patient's lifestyle and his dental hygiene. Poor dental hygiene, implant misuse, the onset of diseases, and pre-existing medical conditions all play a part in determining the lifespan of dental implants.

Implant Positioning

It is also important to mention that mouth location plays a role in determining the anticipated longevity of dental implants. Implants positioned in the rear of the mouth endure additional pressure from the chewing process. Implants in this position tend to fail sooner than those located in the front and middle of the mouth.

What You Can Do to Extend the Life of Your Dental Implants

Those who properly maintain their dental implants with regular flossing and brushing will likely enjoy dental implants that last an entire lifetime. However, this dental implant lifespan estimation is based on the assumption that the patient partakes in bi-annual dental check-ups. Make sure to keep your two dental exams going per year to ensure your teeth, original and implants, stay healthy.

Contact Dental Implant Experts in Southfield, MI

There is a lot to consider with dental implants. Though getting dental implants is a big step, it can have a lasting impact on your smile, ability to eat, and how you feel about your appearance. Consider the dental implant experts of Southfield Family Dental Center. To speak to a dentist about your implants, contact the team at Southfield Family Dental today! 

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