Avoid Dental Injuries During Summer Sports

Summer is the time to get out and enjoy yourself. A lot of adults and children break out of the house to be active while enjoying some fun in the sun. Make sure to be careful while playing sports this summer. Many people injure themselves, especially their mouths, while playing or practicing a sport. Read on to learn how to keep your mouth safe this summer.

Water Sports - Swimming and Diving

Those who spend a good deal of time in the pool may be at risk of staining their teeth. The chemically treated pool water can change your teeth a yellowish-brown color if you are in the water for six or more hours per week. The pool chemicals have a pH higher than saliva. This high pH level leaves protein deposits on your teeth. Choosing a professional cleaning can remove these stains and help keep your teeth shiny white.

Scuba diving often leads to pain in the jaw joint, gum issues, and pain in the center of a tooth known as “tooth squeeze.” All of these problems put together are commonly called “diver’s mouth syndrome” or barodontalgia. The air pressure, combined with biting down on the mouthpiece leads to this complication. Avoid diver’s mouth syndrome by checking in with your dentist before going for a dive.

Contact Sports - Baseball, Soccer, and Football

Anytime you add a ball into team sports, the risk of injury increases. Football gets a bad reputation for injuries, but soccer players are even more likely to become injured, especially a dental-related injury. Football requires a helmet, face protector, and mouth guard whereas soccer does not. Soccer players commonly have the following injuries in their mouths: chipped teeth, fractured crowns, fractured jaws, lip and cheek injuries, and more. Mouth guards won’t stop everything, but they do increase dental safety while reducing the risk of injury.

Oral Health Protection Types

Let’s go through the types of mouth protectors here:

  • Stock Mouthguard: Keep the cost down by getting a mouth guard off the shelf. This option offers the least protection.
  • Mouth-Formed Protectors: These are the next step up with a “boil-and-bite” model. After you buy the guard, you boil it in water to soften the rubber then bite on it so that it forms to your specific mouth.
  • Custom-Made Mouth Protectors: A mouth guard made by your dentist protects your mouth the best. The comfort and fit will be much different than other types of guards.

Since 1988, Southfield Family Dental has been providing dental services for people of all ages in the Metro Detroit area. Make sure your mouth is happy and healthy by stopping into our office for cleaning soon. Give us a call today to set up an appointment by calling (248) 234-9987.

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