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Why Do Some Wisdom Teeth Require Extraction?

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons estimates that nine of every 10 individuals have at least one impacted wisdom tooth. Correcting this painful condition is just one of the many benefits of this common procedure. Southfield Family Dental Center wants you to better understand the importance of wisdom tooth extraction and how this procedure may help you.

Dental Xray: Impacted Wisdoms


Guard Against Disease

Most wisdom teeth extractions are performed as preventative treatment in order to avoid infection, impaction, and other severe oral conditions. By around age 18, most people will notice their wisdom teeth, or third molars, beginning to erupt. A general dentist will monitor the progress of his patients’ wisdom teeth through visual examinations and X-rays. Because the wisdom teeth are the last to emerge, they seldom have room to grown in fully; in this case, your dentist will likely recommend extraction before you develop serious dental problems.

Prevent Misalignment

Once your wisdom teeth begin growing in, they can negatively affect your natural smile. As wisdom teeth emerge, it’s not uncommon for them to put pressure on and shift existing teeth out of place. As your child enters late adolescence and adulthood, wisdom teeth can especially become a problem following orthodontic or other corrective treatment. Developing wisdom teeth can jeopardize the dental work that you or your child has already undergone. After having your wisdom teeth extracted, risk of misalignment and shifting is immediately reduced.

Improve Dental Hygiene

If you decline your dentist’s recommendations and decide to allow your wisdom teeth to grow in, you could experience dental hygiene issues. Due to insufficient space, wisdom teeth tend to grow in at odd angles and press against other teeth. These positions make it more difficult to adequately brush and floss in order to remove bacteria, which could lead to cavities and gum disease.

Don’t wait for your wisdom teeth to become a problem—schedule your appointment at Southfield Family Dental Center today. Our highly trained dentists can also recommend general and cosmetic dentistry treatments to enhance your natural smile. Call (248) 327-0313 today.

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