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Get A Single Tooth Implant Starting at $499
Replace a lost tooth with a dental implant

Most Affordable Single Tooth Dental Implants in Michigan

Price breakdown for $1999* implant placement, abutment, and crown.

Surgical Implant Placement $499.00
Implant Abutment $500.00
Implant Crown $1,000.00
Total $1,999.00

*Disclaimer: $1999 includes placement, abutment, and crown only. This price does not include extractions or bone grafts.

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more affordable than you think!

Our FDA Approved Dental Implants

Southfield Family Dental Center offers the best value for dental implants in Southeastern Michigan. Our dental implant specialists will restore your beautiful smile with the area’s lowest price for dental implants and in-house financing. We can help determine a treatment plan and payment schedule that is guaranteed to make you happy!

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Bridge the gap between your teeth

Single Implants & Bridges in Southfield, Michigan

Losing a tooth is an extremely common experience, one that over half of all Americans will encounter by the time they reach middle age. Just because it’s common, though, doesn’t mean it can’t damage your confidence, affect your overall oral health, and interfere with daily life. If you’ve lost a tooth, you have options for restoring your smile. At Southfield Family Dental, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our patients’ oral health. Depending on the nature of your tooth loss, we may recommend a single dental implant or a dental bridge to fill in the gaps and return your smile to its natural function and fullness.

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The Dental Implant Process

Whether you’ve lost a tooth from a sports injury, an accident, or decay, a single dental implant can replace it. A dental implant replaces not only the tooth but the root as well. Placed in the bone below the gum line, an implant acts as an anchor, to which a permanent artificial tooth or a dental bridge can be affixed. A bridge can seamlessly replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth in a row. Bridges are either held in place by your surrounding natural teeth (which will need to be crowned) or supported by implants. At Southfield Family Dental, we have multiple options to fit our patients’ budgets, health, and preferences. 

If a single implant is not the best course of action for your missing tooth, our professionals may recommend a dental bridge instead. Discover all you need to know about dental bridges and more. 

Implant & Bridge FAQs

What happens if I don’t replace my missing tooth?

Leaving a gap where your tooth once was may seem like the best financial option at the time, but this can set the stage for other oral health problems. Not replacing your missing tooth can increase your risk of gum disease and bacterial infections, as well as change the alignment of your remaining teeth. The neighboring teeth can begin to shift toward each other, creating future imperfections such as overcrowding, crookedness, and unwanted pressure on the gums.

Additionally, the body begins to reabsorb the minerals in your jawbone for use elsewhere, weakening your jaw. Left untreated, you can start to lose the contours of your face and have difficulty speaking and chewing properly.

How long does a dental bridge last?

Dental bridges can last up to ten years when properly cared for. It’s essential to practice regular oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. We also recommend limiting your use of tobacco products after a dental bridge implant.

Take a look at our dental bridge services to learn more about the implant process and how it can improve your smile.

What are the benefits of dental implants?
Dental implants have a number of advantages, including:
  • Permanent solution
  • Don't damage the surrounding teeth & gums
  • Preserve your facial contours
  • Function like natural teeth
  • Prevent bone loss
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