All-On-4 or 6

All-On-4 or 6: Surgical Packages Starting at $14,999!! Limited Time Offer!

Surgical Package 14,999 Per-arch Financing Available For As Low As 290 Per-Month (*for 60 mos.)
  • Includes Temporary Transitional Bridge
  • One Year Limited Warranty on Temporary Bridge
Gold Package 19,999 Per-arch Financing Available For As Low As 387 Per-Month (*for 60 mos.)
  • Made of Very Durable Nano Zirconia Material
  • Aesthetic Option
  • Includes Temporary and Final Bridges
Platinum Package 22,999 Per-arch Financing Available For As Low As 445 Per-Month (*for 60 mos.)
  • Made of Very Durable Zirconia Cutback Ceramic
  • More Aesthetic
  • Includes Temporary and Final Bridges

All-on-4 and All-on-6, Full Mouth Implant Supported Dentures

The All-on-4® or All-on-6® implant technique is a permanent implant option, that allows our patients to overcome extensive tooth loss, problems with their current dentures or go right from extractions to tooth replacement in a single day. Our doctors strategically place four dental implants within the jawbone. These implants are designed to support a natural-looking prosthesis ready for use the same day as your implant surgery. A permanent is appliance is attached once your implants have fully fused with your jaw. All-on-4® or All-on-6®replaces a full-arch of teeth, without the frustrations of traditional dentures but with the benefits of dental implants.

All-on-4 or 6 Benefits Include:

  • Permanent Long-Term Solution
  • No Palate
  • Natural Look & Feel
  • Chewing Function Restored
  • Bridge Supported by 4-6 Implants
  • Reduce the Risk of Any Implants Failing
  • Cost-effective Option
  • Significant Boost in Confidence

Southfield Family Dental Center Offers 2 Types of Fixed Dental Implant Supported Teeth

Full Mouth Implants: Teeth-In-A-Day | Southfield Family Dental - all-in-one

Mouth Implant Supported Dentures

A fixed dental implant-supported denture is an artificial prosthesis that replaces all of your teeth with the support of the dental implants. The benefit of a fixed dental implant-supported denture over traditional dentures is that the implant supported dentures allow you to maintain healthy gums and the integrity of your facial structures.

Implant Supported Partial Dentures

A dental implant-fixed denture involves the surgical placement of four to six dental implants into the jawbone. These dental implants are then used to support a temporary dental bridge or denture through the healing process, during which the dental implants naturally fuse with the jawbone. Final replacement teeth are placed three to four months following the dental implant placement.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does All-on-4 mean?

This treatment provides patients with a full-arch prosthesis anchored on four or six dental implants. All on 4 or 6 is a permanent solution for missing teeth. The prosthesis can only be removed by a dentist.

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Who is a candidate for All-on-4?

Any patients who have tooth decay, broken teeth, gum disease, and other severe dental problems, are considered excellent candidates for this procedure.

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What is the All-on-4 procedure like?

By using advanced technology, including our digital scanner and CBCT scans, we can carefully plan your surgery. This allows us to get you in and out of our office with a new smile with minimally invasive technique and minimal post-op downtime. Patients have the opportunity to never be without teeth, and will have a confident beautiful smile throughout the entire process.