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Patient Reviews

"I would like to thank you both for allowing me to shadow at Southfield Family Dental Center. Every day I looked forward to it because I knew that I would be surrounded by genuine and good spirited people. The staff made me feel comfortable and at ease during my entire experience. As a patient, I witnessed the positive and professional atmosphere and I knew that it would be the perfect place for me to learn more about the dental field. During my experience, I absorbed every piece of information and advice given to me. The outstanding oral health care provided b SFDC in addition to its hospitable environment is characteristics I seek to have in my own practice. Both of you exemplify and embody true dental professionals and I cannot thank you enough for my experience. I am a proud patient of SFDC but more so an aspiring dentist who knows what it means to provide truly outstanding dental care. Once again, thank you for the opportunity and jump starting my journey to become a future D.D.S.!!!"


"Hi, my name is Belinda and I live in Southfield, Michigan. I am seeing a doctor; Dr. Oleg. I'm having a bridge made and I would refer, as a matter of fact I have sent three or four people here so far. The staff is very professional, everybody is very polite, accommodating and I will continue referring people to this center. One thing I will say is until everything is right they'll keep doing it over and over and over. In other words, they strive for perfection and I love that. They made sure I have a beautiful smile, thank you so much!"

Belinda McNeill

"Hi, my name is Anita and I live in Southfield, Michigan. I am a new patient of Dr. Oleg at the Southfield Family Dental Center in Southfield, Michigan and I just want to say Dr. Oleg you did a wonderful job on me. Your assistant Laura was awesome! It must have been the most, the best experience I've ever had at a dentist's office. So I appreciate you so much for calming my nerves and just doing my root canal. The whole thing, other than coming back to get my final exam, it was wonderful, thank you. Kellie, your assistant up here in the front desk area, she's awesome also. Thank you for working with me, I appreciate you guys and you still have a new patient, and I will be referring new customers/patients to you. Thank you!"

Anita Gordon

"Hi, my name is Beverly, from Harrison Township, Michigan and I love the Southfield Family Dental Center because I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Levi and his staff. They are efficient, they're honest, and they're thorough and I've been blessed with a beautiful smile!"

Beverly Jennings

"I am so pleased to give this testimonial for Dr. Oleg and the Southfield Family Dental Center. They've been supportive to me throughout my whole dental experience. I do not wait if I have an appointment; they are prompt and courteous from the front desk all the way to the dentist. I really appreciate their service and I'll be coming here forever. As a matter of fact, I'm going to recommend that my sister come here. Thank you!"

Effie Martin

"Hello, my name is Monica. I live in Detroit, Michigan and attend Southfield Family Dental. My doctor's name is Dr. Levi and if you want a pretty smile and everything to go right, please you can always come to him at Southfield Family Dental Center in Southfield, Michigan. I love him and if you want anything in a smile and your teeth and everything to be right, you can always come see him."

Monica McCourt

"My name is Jody of Southfield, Michigan. I am very, very pleased with the good customer service coming from Southfield Family Dental Center. I love the emergency walk-ins and just having a doctor or a dentist on hand. What I really loved was the attitude of staff when I walked in on an emergency basis on the eve of Thanksgiving. Most people are trying to get out of the office but they did not have the attitude of pushing me out and trying to rush me through or rush me in so that was very appreciative. But as well as today, the office handling of the staff, they don't rush you off the phone and Miss Kellie was very helpful in explaining my fee and this is very important to me as a patient than getting surprises. She went through the fees as well as what exact tooth I need work on, all of those things together make a great dentist to me and I have been searching for this dentist for a number of years. So I'm already very satisfied that me and my family are going there and I'm definitely going to refer other people. Thank you again for the good customer service, that makes a difference to me when paying out the money as well so two thumbs up Southfield Family Dental Center - excellent customer service, please keep it up!"

Jody Matthews

"Good morning, my name is Tilly  and I'm here at Dr. Oleg's dental office to share my testimony regarding my experience here. I came to the office about four or five months ago and I was a new patient and I completed a form that asked me the question, "did I like my smile?" and I said no and Dr. Oleg asked me why and when I smiled I had a broken tooth in the front of my mouth that caused me not to like my smile. When he asked me that question and I smiled I began to cry and Dr. Oleg told me it was fine, it was going to be okay and that he was going to help me."

Tilly Bond

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a difference a year makes. I am back to chewing my food properly and eating what I want. I wanted to thank both of you again for your guidance and help on my recent visits. It was truly a wonderful experience and your personal attention insured an outstanding result. Everything went better than I ever expected. Your staff went over and above with very personal outstanding service."

C. Forris

"This is Chad Ross, Kari Ross's husband. I just wanted to send a quick email and update to Dr. Levi about Kari. Due to the condition of Kari's teeth many years ago she had lost interest in work, school and socializing. But now things are great. I just wanted once again to say thank you! Since your help our lives have changed dramatically. I was given an offer from my country to transfer to Asia. We are now living in Singapore. If this would have been 3 years ago, Kari would have never agreed , but with your help she was confident and comfortable to make the commitment. Now here in Asia Kari is back to school full time to complete her degree. So again thank you for all of your help, it truly has changed our lives in ways I cannot explain!!"

C. Ross

"I wanted to take time to properly Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I appreciate you going the extra mile and for your sincere convern for your patients. i am terrified of dental work and have had many unpleasant experiences. I was very relaxed and cofident in your chair and trusted that I would not have to worry about being in any pain. I am your client for life and will be referring everyone I know or come to know about your service. Your assistants are just as wonderful, thanks again!"

R. Alfano